About Me

My Story

I’m Born in Berlin, Germany and growing up in Miami as the daughter of a southitalian saddler and a gorgeous waitress from Latvia I eventually decided to become a Stewardess and travel the world. Instead of remaining behind the front desk day in and day out.

Already on my first flight above the clouds I got an exciting tingling sensation, and it didn't take long until I realized that flying really aroused me!! While I walked up and down the narrow aisle above the clouds, I tried to present my self as good as possible in my skimpy stewardess outfit. I often flew without wearing underwear to increase my excitement and if the captain didn't notice, I didn't wear a bra under my blouse so that certain things got noticeable. In order to push the whole thing even more to the extreme, I secretly made use of one or two love balls which I inserted on longer flights, so that I gradually climaxed several times on my flights out of sheer excitement without anyone noticing. Oh, yeah! It was so exciting that I had a hard job keeping things clean and tidy again and again!
When I bought my new crystal toy, I couldn't resist my fantasy of getting it done while flying high above the clouds!! Just by thinking about it got my so going that I was already shaking inside. Within a short time I was able to have multiple sensations during the flights, at any secured spot until one day I forgot to close the lock and suddenly the captain stood in the door. I hastily waved him in and the first amazing, mind blowing “hanky panky” took place in the narrow cabin!! Before he could look around, we were fooling around big time and hit that home run up in the clouds!!! In that moment we both forgot everything around us and had neither no sense of time nor space any more!! Unfortunately, however, the captain had only temporarily set the autopilot so that the whole plane was heading steeply towards a total disaster and eventually had to make an emergency landing in middle of the pacific ocean while we were still in there enjoying it. The crew had discovered our dalliance and we were both immediately. 

suspended from one of americas biggest airlines!! Well, yeah! And that was the beginning of my new career as a HighMileClub freshman.  Since then, I have been flying as a sexy hot stewardess.

exclusively for private jets and all private airlines, enjoying my job to my fullest pleasure in, out and above the clouds.

Hot Kisses to you from around the World and *truly yours*

Adorable Krystal
The horniest Stewardess on the Planet